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My name is Fer Horta and I'm 26 years old, I started as graphic designer but with the time I’ve been focusing on photography and fashion.

I have over 5 years’ of experience in Graphic Design Business, creating branding, advertising and photography. Working with local business and for companies around México and USA, my interest is always to make the best work with all the possibilities we have. Aspiring to always keep learning from others and let me contribute with the ideas I have, to create amazing and functional projects.

I’m always looking forward for new challenges, trying to always keep my essence in everything I do and giving my best.


Employment History


- Freelance (2015-Present)

Professional Photographer (2017-Present)

- Media coordinator social at Poster               Poster (2015-2017)

- Intership at Exterioriza (2015)

- Jr. Graphic Designer at Kaunaz (2017)

- Graphic Designer and Social Media at         Pasteles Lourdes (2017-2018)

- Freelance Graphic Designer at Funeraria     El Ángel (2018-2020)

- Graphic Designer at Tiendas Ópera            (2018-2019)

- Creative Director at Tiendas Ópera            (2019)

- Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design at       CETYS University. (2014-2018).

- Branding International Summer                   Program at CETYS University. (2015).

- Member of AIGA Y22 at San Diego,             California. (2017).

- Leardership and Culture Course at               University of Alcalá, Spain. (2017).

- Course in Image Consultant and Personal Shopper at Mindway Liberal Studies, Spain. (2020)


- Spanish 100%

- English 85%


- Illustrator

- Photoshop

- Photography

- After Effects

- Lightroom


- Fashion

- Running

- Travel

- Writing 

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